The Astro Pink weed strain Stamina

astro pink

Astro Pink is a new strain of weed that has been developed by a group of growers from Northern California. It is said to have the best flavor and effects among all other strains.

This strain has been named after the Astro Pink flower, which has been used in the traditional medicine for centuries. It was also used by NASA astronauts as they were traveling to Mars and had zero gravity.

Astro Pink is a cross between two types of weed – Blue Dream and Headband, which are both known for their high THC content. This hybrid produces a balanced high that lasts longer than other strains typically do, giving users more time to enjoy themselves without getting too “high.”

astro pink

The effects of this strain are often described as having an uplifting, creative, energetic and euphoric effect on users who feel like they’re “in the clouds.” One reviewer said that this strain makes you feel like you’re walking on air.

Purple Space Cookies XO is a strain of weed that has been developed by TGA Genetics and was created to commemorate the launch of SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy Rocket.

This strain comes in a limited edition, so you’ll need to get your hands on it before it runs out.