Landscape Design Tips

Landscape design tips, like everything else, has its bases, rules and canons.

Before you start explaining what the foundations of landscape design, it is worth to define the concept itself. So, landscape design – a landscape architecture, or rather its area, which, unlike the design is focused on small areas of land, and therefore requires less time for implementation.

In the landscape design may combine elements of science and art, resulting in the ability to influence the functionality and aesthetic of its component.

One of the main functions of landscape design – bringing to the natural harmony of the surrounding nature and modern structures. To achieve this effect, the designer must thoroughly understand what are the foundations of landscape design, on which the principles of contemporary art in this area.

Landscape Design Tips

What could be better than to go out on a warm evening on the porch of the house, admire the sunset from your own pergola, listen to birds singing in a beautifully decorated meadow, fragrant with flowers and herbs? The main thing when decorating the area near the house is to make sure that every element of it causes a feeling of quiet joy and serenity.