Russian Cream Backwoods Canada

Canada is pulling flavoured cigarettes and cigars off store shelves today to discourage children and youth from picking up the habit.

The legislation makes it illegal for retailers to sell cigarettes, cigarillos and blunt wraps which contain specific additives or flavourings aimed at youth.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper says the government is committed to protecting youth from “unscrupulous marketing practices by the tobacco industry.”

He is calling on tobacco producers and retailers to respect the spirit of the legislation, as well as its legal obligations.

The Canadian Cancer society is applauding the tough new law, calling it the “best legislation in the world restricting flavoured tobacco.”

The society says russian cream backwoods canada products flavoured with candy, ice cream and fruit flavours can be a trigger for kids who would never otherwise start smoking.

Russian Cream Backwoods Canada

Suck the cigarillo smoke into your mouth and enjoy the rich taste. As when smoking a cigar, you should not inhale the smoke into your lungs. Instead, simply hold the smoke in your mouth for a few moments and then open your mouth to release it.

You can claim goods worth up to CAN$200. Tobacco products and alcoholic beverages are not included in this exemption. If the value of the goods you are bringing back exceeds CAN$200, you cannot claim this exemption.